This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Customer and Ardua Ventures Ltd, the Customer accepts, and agrees to be bound by, this Agreement.

1: Usage Policy

Hosting accounts provided by Ardua Ventures Ltd may not be resold, used to host material such as, but not limited to:

Material to which the user does not own the copyright to or have prior permission from the owner of the copyright to distribute. This includes the distribution of MP3 files, software, and other pirate material.

Utilities to aid the violation of a copyright licence, such as software cracks and key generators.

Adult material that violates UK laws will not be tolerated. Any user hosting material found to be in violation of UK laws will immediately have their account terminated with no refund and their details will be passed on to the UK authorities.

Server applications, including but are not limited to IRC servers, IRC proxies, IRC bots. Client understands that the services are subject to immediate termination without compensation for non-compliance with the policies. 2.3 We reserve the right to remove any material which we deem inappropriate from your web site without notice.

Ardua Ventures Ltd hosting accounts shall not be used for the sending of unsolicited bulk messages (also known as spam) via any medium.

Ardua Ventures Ltd reserve the right to question any user as to the copyright ownership of material displayed on a user's hosting account, and reserve the right to suspend or cancel a Client's access to any or all services we provided when we decide that the account has been inappropriately used.

2: Server Abuse

Hosting accounts provided by Ardua Ventures Ltd are provided on machines dedicated to Ardua Ventures Ltd Clients.

Any user found to have deliberately caused a denial of service to other users will have their account terminated with no refund for the remainder of the hosting period.

Any user found to be launching attacks against other Ardua Ventures Ltd or remote servers from Ardua Ventures Ltd servers will have their account cancelled with no refund for the remaining hosting period.

3: Website Service

Ardua Ventures Ltd is not legally liable for the data that is hosted by a user.

Any opinions put forward in material hosted on a Ardua Ventures Ltd server are not representative of the views of the staff, or company as a whole.

By signing up for a Ardua Ventures Ltd hosting account the user automatically agree to pay for any legal fees or claims by a third party of loss or damage that result from an action originating from the material hosted on their account.

Ardua Ventures Ltd is not legally liable for losses and/or damage to a company that may be a result of downtime on the Ardua Ventures Ltd servers or network. In addition Ardua Ventures Ltd is not legally liable for any losses and/or damage to a company which may be a result of domain registration/renewal or transfer issues. While Ardua Ventures Ltd shall attempt to provide the most reliable service possible, no guarantees as to the uptime of a server are made as part of this contract.

Ardua Ventures Ltd reserve the right to deal with any circumstances that arise in a way that is deemed to be suitable at the time.

4: Services & Bandwidth

Ardua Ventures Ltd reserve the right to invoice the user for any additional charges that they may incur because of the usage of their hosting account.

Ardua Ventures Ltd reserve the right to invoice users for additional bandwidth at a rate of £1 per gigabyte over the limit of their service plan. Users shall be informed if their site is exceeding acceptable traffic levels. Users should be aware that this traffic includes FTP usage.

5: Payment & Cancellation

All accounts are set up on a pre-pay basis and auto renew unless explicitly cancelled by the Client.

Cancellations must be received by email to support@Ardua Ventures three days before the payment is due. The Client is responsible for all money owed on the account from the time it was established to the time that they receive confirmation from us of their cancellation request for termination of services.

All refunds will be at the discretion of Ardua Ventures Ltd.

Refunds awarded will be for base package costs only, refunds are not available on account extras or add-ons. No refunds will be given for any partially used period of service once that period has begun.

Prices are guaranteed for the term of pre-payment. We reserve the right to change prices at any time. Any account not brought current within a week (7 days) of e-mail notice or exceeding this time frame in any way is subject to suspension without further notice.

6: Account Termination

Ardua Ventures Ltd reserve the right to close accounts at any time without prior notice to the user.

Failure to pay may result in suspension of the Services and/or terminate this Agreement forthwith without notice to you.

Suspended accounts due to non payment have a £20.00 charge applied upon account reactivation to cover administration costs.

Once an account has a suspended status, access to files, databases and other content is denied, account reactivation would be required.

7: Revisions

Ardua Ventures Ltd reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify these Terms and Conditions, and any of our other policies and agreements at any time.

8: Limitation of Liability

Ardua Ventures Ltd will not be liable for;

a. Suspension or loss of the services, except to the limited extent that a remedy is provided under this agreement;

b. Interruption of business;

c. Access delays or access interruptions to the web site(s) provided through or by the services;

d. Loss or liability resulting from acts of god;

e. Data non-delivery, mis-delivery, corruption, destruction or other modification;

f. Events beyond the control of Ardua Ventures Ltd;

g. The processing of Clients application for the services; or

h. Loss or liability resulting from the unauthorized use or misuse of Clients account identifier or password.

Ardua Ventures Ltd will not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind (including lost profits) regardless of the form of action whether in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, regardless of whether or not Ardua Ventures Ltd has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event shall the maximum aggregate liability exceed the total amount paid by Client for the hosting services for a one-month period.

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