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Ecommerce / Gallery:

Full FTP access

Unlimited* bandwidth

10 POP3 email accounts

1 MySQL database

£20 per month

If you just need more:

Windows Hosting

Unlimited bandwidth

15 POP3 email accounts

1 MySQL database

£30 per month

For static sites:

Ideal for simple sites

Full FTP access

Unlimited* bandwidth

5 POP3 email accounts

£10 per month

* Fair use policy applies. Most websites will not use a lot of bandwidth, but if yours starts to attract huge amounts of traffic, we may contact you in order to find a better hosting solution for your needs.

Hosting Packages and Services

Website Hosting Optional Extras

Domain SSL Certificate (£49 per year)

Certain payment processors will require that you have a secure area of your website to handle customer credit card details. Or you may just wish to have your ecommerce site secured to improve your customer conversion rate.

Unique IP Address (£6 per month)

As standard we host several websites on each IP address, however we can provide your website with a unique IP address if you require this. NB: If you wish to have an SSL certificate you will need a unique IP address.

Additional POP3 Email Account (£5 per month)

All hosting accounts come with 10 POP3 email accounts as standard (Platinum has 15). If you need to have more email accounts (for example if you have several employees who each need a dedicated address) we can upgrade your account to allow for this.

Hosting Limitations

All hosting packages are for a single site only (though unlimited domain aliases are available - for example and can both be pointed to the same website).

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